Selling CB RADIO here for the long hauler.

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Top CB Radio Bulk Sale Services

As a top of the line model radio sales and antenna store source, our roots in trucking are the core of our radio business vending. We are dedicated to maximum transmission range for efficiency and over-the-road safely. We train all of our radio techs to make sure that our transmitters are powerful so that time is not lost in radio range.

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Specialty Bulk CB Mod Services

Our antenna, radio warehousing and radio antenna distribution services are optimized by a state of the art electronic sales inventory system, ensuring that radios, amplifiers and antennas ends up delivered to the right truck driver(s) and sent to the right destinations at the right time. Our CB Sales Warehouse is protected with 24 hour security systems.

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CB Performance

Complicated radio and antenna sales logistics is our specialty. Let us know what your transmit purchase goals are and we will deliver your output range performance there.

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Efficient CB Radio

Our CB warehousing and CB distribution services are highly efficient selling with inventory system at the helm offering the best radio, amp and antenna bargain selections.

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Best CB Antenna

With over 48 years in the CB sales business, we’re the absolute go-to for professional long haul driver and bulk purchase to many trucking companies across the country.

Bulk CB Radio Sales

We can supply all your trucks with the same high quality CB equipment from Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy and many more! We manufacture many antennas for home base station use and even more deals on multi-frequency mobile antenna designs.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our radio sales team?

Apply for our current WIRE ANTENNAS INC. openings:

CB Radio Antenna Assembler wanted. Cable and Antenna Solder Technician wanted.

Sales and trading position openings for HF, VHF and UHF antennas distribution.